3 Traits that a Startup Looks For in a Fresh-Graduate Student

by GDP Venture

This article could help a further step for those who wants an advance career at startup industry, but keep this in your mind: Just because it’s startup, doesn’t mean everybody could get the job easily without any examination. Startups provide a bigger space for ideas, and this means you have to be more creative, agile, and impactful. These are three traits that a startup looks for in a freshgraduate student:


Many problems tackled by a startup tend to be new product problems or technical challenges that have not been solved before. Thus, a sharp mind that can creatively explore solutions are more important than a person's current knowledge.  

Curiosity for learning

Most fresh-graduates come with limited experience, with perhaps an internship for two and maybe a year in the workforce. Though less experienced, recent college graduates oftentimes bring an energy and optimism that help make startups more exciting places to work, and grow alongside with the company itself is a fairly rewarding experience.

Effective communication and the ability to clearly convey ideas

Being able to convey ideas effectively usually correlates with a person's ability to think in terms of the bigger picture.  Those who get caught up in too many specific details have a harder time explaining things, and miscommunication or the inability to share ideas in a startup can drastically slow down execution speed.

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