6Estates Introduced an AI-Powered Assistive CT Scan Diagnosis Platform for Virus Detection Problems Experienced by Medical Facilitators

by Business Times

Singapore-based AI startup 6Estates has come up with an AI-powered assistive CT-scan diagnosis platform. With the help pf a team led by alumni at Tsinghua University - who provided medical knowledge and key domain expertise - 6Estates adapted its deep- learning and neural network models in just under two months to train the AI-assistive platform to recognise signs of the viral infection in patient's lungs

"Chest CT scans are not a new diagnostic tool for the novel coronavirus, but the leap offered by the AI platforms is that it can rean and process one scan - comprimising 200 images - in 10 seconds, or 30 times faster than experienced radiologist", said chief executive Luan Huanbo. The platform has an average accurace rate of 84.7%.

"This solution is parcularly useful for countries and health facilities which face issues of the test-kit availability or reliability, but have CT scanners readily available," said Dr Luan.

The rapid pace of innovation in this climate is underscored by the urgent need to 'flatten the curve'. In the study and analysis of the distribution, patterns and factors behind health and disease conditions, the curve depicts the projected number of the new cases over a time period. The idea of flattening the curve is to spread out the number of new cases over a longer period, so that people have better access to care, and health-care systems are not overwhelmed.

Industry players noted that regulatory process that used to take years are now being accelerated, and agencies are more accepting of new developments.


Taken from original articles https://www.businesstimes.com.sg/garage/covid-19-putting-singapore-on-global-deeptech-radar


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