Agate launched Esports King, the First Esports Management Simulation Game in Indonesia

by Agate
Agate launched Esports King, the First Esports Management Simulation Game in Indonesia


Esports is currently on the rise in Indonesia. A lot of big brands using this momentum to be part of esports activities to attract their consumers and get closer with them. This phenomenon triggers Indonesia government to continuously develop the esports ecosystem in Indonesia.

Newzoo, a data analysis institute from the Netherlands reported income from the gaming industry in Indonesia has reached US $ 1.08 billion in January 2019, which made Indonesia as the largest game market share in Southeast Asia. In fact, according to data from the Indonesia Game Association (AGI), the gaming market in Indonesia will continue to grow and it is estimated that in 2030, Indonesia will be placed as the 5th largest market share in the game industry in the world with estimated revenue of US $ 4.3 billion. This extraordinary number is obtained because of the participation of more than 44 million people active Indonesian gamers.

Esports is an electronic sport that is also known as a competitive game that can be played alone or multiplayer by professional athletes esports or commonly called as a pro player. Not many people know that there are many other professions besides esports athletes who play a big role in winning the esports team.

Seeing this, Agate collaborates with RRQ launch Esports King, the first esports management simulation game in Indonesia. Esports King offers the game players a simulation experience as a manager who builds and trains an esports team that is prepared to compete with other esports teams designed by other players.

"We developed Esports King for 3 years. We hope that this game will be able to complement the ecosystem of local games in Indonesia. It is also able to educate those who are interested in sports games, that there are still other professions that are no less important than players of esports to make an esports team win a competition. This Esports King game available on Google Pay starts February 28, 2020 and will be available very soon at the Apple Store," said Arief Widhiyasa, CEO of Agate. 

The mission of this game is to win the competition, hence the players need to build the best team by recruiting the best players and train the team members. As they will encounter different situations and enemies at each level, the players should equip their team with the best formation tactics and weapon. 

There are several team member positions in Esports King, namely:

1. Tanker

Tanker is strong, sturd and resilient. He is the best match to destroy Assaulter. However, Tanker will be very difficult when he encounters Specialist’s shots and rifles, especially in open and wide space.

2. Specialist

Specialists are famous for their shots that are able to kill anything in just one shot.

3. Assaulter

Assaulter is fast and agile. His speed and agility can counter the sudden attack of Specialist members.

Agate, who won second place for eSports Saga on the Pocket Gamer's The Big Indie Pitch event at GDC 2018 located in San Francisco, United States, not only produces local games for game lovers and players, but also uses games as a learning solution that is offered by Agate Level Up, creates visual novel game Memories with CAIYO and assisted Ministry of Tourism of the Republic of Indonesia to introduce Indonesian tourism to foreign countries.


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