Agate Launches "Code Atma", a Heritage Mythology Horror Game

by Agate

Collaboration with Telkom, Melon, and Oolean, a local game studio from Bandung, Agate has officially launched its latest game titled Code Atma. Code Atma is a RPG (role-playing game) mobile game that combines mystical elements typical of Indonesia, with a technology called Asterisk. By utilizing this technology, players can call Atma, a special designation for the character of spirits in the game.

Code Atma presents characters in the form of local ghosts ranging from kuntilanak, jenglot, pocong, jelangkung, to genderuwo. Despite carrying the nuances of horror, but Agathe managed to package a scary ghost figure into a cute and funny character. Armed with Asterisk and accompanied by Atma's troops, the players will be invited to adventure to explore the mystical world, and fight against other mystical creatures.

The seekers, the name for Code Atma players, also have the opportunity to get the highest level of character through the Gacha system. Gacha itself is a term commonly used to draw lots, with the aim of getting fantastic prizes. Agate said that Code Atma can be played, even without using the internet alias offline.

Agate claims to have developed this RPG game since April 2019. Now Code Atma can be enjoyed by Android users and is available in Indonesian. Agate's CEO, Arief Widhiyasa also hopes that Code Atma can increase players' knowledge on Indonesian culture. "We hope that this game (Code Atma) can introduce Indonesian culture and stories through mystical creatures that are owned by Indonesia. We also hope that this game can be one of Indonesia's pride," Arief said.

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