AI-Powered HR increases Business Productivity in Digital Age - Work from Anywhere and Anytime

by Stefanie Suanita, CEO of Catapa


Today, organizations are clearly becoming more comfortable with the idea of integrating chatbots and intelligent assistants into their processes, and confident that it will lead to improvements in efficiency and customer satisfaction. This could be very helpful to keep business productivity during COVID-19 pandemic, as it can be operated from anywhere and anytime. 

According to Forbes, AI and chatbots can be used to monitor and draw insights from every conversation and learn from them how to perform better in the next one. Chatbots can “step in” for routine tasks such as answering straightforward questions from an organization’s knowledge base. Internally, bots will be able to quickly digest, process and report business data when it is needed, and new recruits can quickly bring themselves up to speed. For customer-facing functions, customers can receive summarized answers to questions involving product and service lines, or technical support issues.

These advantages can be obtained by using the right tool.

CATAPA is a Payroll Software and HR intelligent platform that empowers Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs) to be more efficient and productive by improving the employee experience. CATAPA provides a breakthrough technology through Claudia, HR Chatbot that will assist every employee in requesting and approving leaves, absences, overtimes, and many more in a matter of seconds by simply chatting with her. This is one of Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered features in CATAPA. Claudia is available on mobile and desktop and can be accessed 24 hours anywhere and anytime. Claudia is also available in a variety of messaging applications, including Facebook Messenger, LINE, Telegram, and Slack, which are designed to make it easier for users to use the Employee Self Service (ESS) CATAPA feature via text messaging. Claudia can understand and answer a wide variety of customer questions effectively.

By using Claudia, the company will certainly reduce expenses and increase user experience dramatically. 



Apart from using this technology, CATAPA also offers a simple and integrated solution to manage payroll and tax calculation, company information, employee attendance/absence records and many more at affordable prices. One of the most important tasks in HR is to make sure all employees receive their remuneration on time and accurately. CATAPA recently launched its newest feature, Payroll One-Click. With only 1 (one) click, CATAPA will automatically process all the necessary calculations for BPJS Ketenagakerjaan, BPJS Kesehatan, and Individual Tax (PPh 21).

CATAPA has the mission to spark joy at work by creating an intelligent employee experience management platform. With this mission, CATAPA tries to give excellent support from the CATAPA team. CATAPA also uses cloud-based technology, so the data will be automatically updated, easy to integrate with other systems. CATAPA as well guarantees the security and privacy of Personal Identifiable Information (PII). The company doesn't need to worry because CATAPA complies with government regulation for BPJS Ketenagakerjaan, BPJS Kesehatan, and individual tax (PPh 21). CATAPA is here to digitize the payroll process ad HR tasks. And most importantly, improving Employee Experience.

So, let’s get started! 

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