Autonomous Uber Vehicles

by GDP Venture
Self Driving Taxis

Uber has already changed how millions of people commute in cities across the globe. Now they’re jump into another bold move to bring the future of autonomy thing right now; they are betting on self-driving cars. But it’s not just a bet on passenger cars, but a belief that self-driving technology will change almost everything. This include a threat to professional drivers, who seemingly stand to be outmoded by the technology.

Dozens of autonomous Uber vehicles are about to be roaming the streets of Pittsburg thanks to alliance built with Volvo. Later on, Uber also provides autonomous trucks with Otto’s help, a self-driving trucking startup they just bought.

This move will bring benefits to most of Uber’s partner and/or users. Self-driving cars provides a safer and more relaxing trip, and also fare cost will be reduced significantly, said Uber’s CEO Travis Kalanick. For the company, self-driving cars will reduce traffic and carbon emissions, and mathematically a lot cheaper than paying a person to pilot the vehicle.


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