Become a Super Brand

by GDP Venture

A competition could develop label for both small and big brands. It sounds harsh but it's a fact. Even though some brands have did great, no one can guarantee they can win all the battles. Because smaller brand also have chances to become a superstar, like Go-Jek as a startup. Marketing Guru from Indonesia Hermawan Kartajaya said the brand can have much fans when they can be a brand for good.

Brand for good itself interpreted as a brand that not only pay attention to profit but also care about the community (people) and the environment (planet). Start from this point, brand can get so many fans in the middle of red ocean industry. Many brands are desperately tried to develop population fans. There are tons of benefits to be gained by the brand if they acquired big chunk of fans. First, they need a volunteer advocacy or evangelist.

In fact, the brand will have an army when "attacked" by consumers or other people who do not like it. To reach that condition, MarkPlus, Inc. as a consultant marketing firm highlight three steps which marketer have to achieve.  Simply, there is 3F that must be passed; follower, fans, and friends.

Brands can’t consider the consumer is a king anymore but as a friend. They have to give beyond services: care. Serve the customer like a human (human to human- H2H value). Because, customers no longer wants or simply doesn’t care about vertical, exclusive, and individual brands. They want to communicate with a more horizontal, inclusive, and social brand. The brand must not tell lies, consumers will find out eventually.

In line with MarkPlus, Inc., Jon Westenberg via blogpost said to build an audience of your product the brand must understand who their target are. No audience just magically appears. You have to identify your audience and just get in front of them. 

Three steps the brand can do to get an audience: One, pushing yourself onto their radar by getting on a channel they already consume content from. Two, serving them ads featuring your content. Last, reaching out to them one-on-one, in order of priority according to how much influence they have online, and asking them to check you out.

If you can achieve those three things, you could grow and build an audience. 

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