Benefit to Intern at Startup Company

by GDP Venture

Internship is best chance to enter a new world full of possibilities and opportunities. It’s usually a student’s first foray into the real world and a long way in forming impression that determine crucial career choices. Big companies are still first target, but there is a noticeable shift on where to intern as more and more startup emerged and open an alternative dynamical career challenge.

Here some popular reason why you should do internship at startup company:

More responsibility, more experience, more impact. Startup usually known with limited fund, tight schedule, small team, but contradictory want to achieve something faster and bigger. So, you’re more likely to be thrown right into the fire as soon as you join them. For example like designing social media strategy or marketing plan. This might be scary at first, your workload will be piled up, but your contribution will be crucial for the organization. You’ll find yourself significantly able to tackle to day to day operations. You also gain confidence by knowing that you completed and mastered an array of practical transferable tasks.

Various working environment. At a startup, work assignments tend to be more fluid and divisions are a lot more erratic. Therefore, you'll find yourself doing lots of different works for different departments of the company. This will benefit you to get access to a lot of tools, mentors, and even growing your own networking with another company.

Forge your entrepreneur mentality. Last but not least, when you get into internship program, you can forge your own entrepreneurial skill. Working directly with top level decision maker in the company can boost up your confidence, develop your way of thinking, grow your network with other entrepreneurs can give you inspirations to become like them, and you could always ask for help and suggestion.

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