Blackberry Radar

by GDP Venture
BlackBerry Radar

The Internet of Things and Blackberry maybe not a subject people expected to talk simultaneously. But it’s happening. There are signs of life at Blackberry that has material necessary to build a highly relevant IoT business.

Has an asset in QNX that is powerful in the auto industry, Blackberry could design trailer tracker in the trucking industry using Radar.

Blackberry Radar is an “end-to-end, Internet of Things (IoT)-based system that monitors the location of trailers and containers and delivers timely, actionable data to transportation managers via a secure, online portal. Radar let trucking companies and logistics players to track location, temperature, humidity and cargo presence. BlackBerry is targeting North America at first, followed by Europe, and then global market.

With QNX, Radar also help the auto industry provide proactive maintenance update, without time consuming visit to the repair shop. This solution has been derived from their technology for updating 50 million mobile phones in over 100 countries. The CEO believes that customers and trucking and logistics will benefit from the higher utilization of assets, improved efficiencies, and enhanced return on investment.

Radar's total addressable market is around $2.1 billion in hardware and $1.7 billion in annual recurring. If Radar starts addressing the global trailers and shipping containers market, the addressable market would be much larger.

In short, Radar could be compelling evidence that the company can use its mobile, embedded systems and security knowhow to grow in new industries.

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