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by Asia Pacific Daily Wins Sparks Awards

Since its release in 2012 as one of the investment portfolio of GDP Venture, consistently performed as a hub for futsal community in Indonesia. The determination of to promote futsal sport and community had earned them the Spark Awards in Asia Pacific region. took home three awards for Best Acquisition Team and Best Content Team (both in People Category) and Best Use of Branded Content by a Media Owner (Solution Category). Spark Awards is a prestigious award given to online platforms with the best innovation, effectiveness, and high value for their partners.

With this achievement, was now recognized by futsal players and enthusiasts, not only in Indonesia, but also in regional level, and in the world in the near future.

"Three prizes at Spark Awards are the best gifts for, we win just one day after the 71st Indonesian Independence Day. We are very proud because this award proves that as an online platform for futsal players and enthusiasts in the country now earned regional recognition. We hope that we can continue to advance to international level. We present this award for futsal players and enthusiasts as well as all of our partners that have supported us," said Frandy Wirajaya, CEO of PT Global Visi Media.

The third Spark Awards this year had 300 entries and 70 participants from Asia Pacific (APAC) region, such as Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Australia, Philippines, mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau, and other countries. In addition, there were four new categories and entries from publishers and ad technology companies. 

"Our partners can take advantage of opportunities in From developing Content Creation, expanding Distribution Channel, partnership for Event Sponsorship, managing Community Relation and Affiliate Sales to Advertising. strives to provide all those opportunities for partner's benefit," said Frandy. indeed really earned the Spark Awards. Established in 2012, this online platform continued to grow along with the growth of futsal in Indonesia. In terms of content, this online platform focused on the publication of futsal content and its knick knacks -- including competition, event, futsal product information and other information -- from national and provincial level to village/neighborhood level. In addition, also actively held community gathering every week. also provided access to futsal field provider all over Indonesia. According to the data in, there were 1003 futsal sport centers in Indonesia, most of them were located in five major cities such as Greater Jakarta (454 fields), Surabaya (25 fields), Medan (13 fields), Bandung (108 fields), and Makassar (20 fields). These five cities contributed the most visitors of Until recently, had five million page views and visited by more than onemillion visitors every month.

"Futsal has become not only sport, but also lifestyle for people in Indonesia. is expected to play a role in expanding the futsal industry as well as becoming the futsal forum in Indonesia," he said.

Regarding this Spark Awards, one of the assessment criteria was innovation, which was also the main focus of had developed futsal industry in Indonesia through mobile platform. Not only being able to be accessed via website, this feature was also available in a more user-friendly mobile web and mobile application, known as Bolalob 2.0.

This user-friendly access via smartphone was the answer for feedback of 81% of its visitors who access via mobile devices. In the near future, would present application that allowed its users to interact with professional futsal players in Indonesia.

Another innovative feature is Just For You. This feature was expected to help users as content display was tailored to topics of their choice. Meanwhile, monetization of came from advertisement in a form of content marketing and content creation with target audience of 18-25 year olds.

"Our closeness with the futsal community is also an added value so that we can provide the newest, original, and accurate content for readers. A more personalized feature, such as Just For You, is hoped to help users as contents are provided based on their interest," he concluded.


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