CATAPA gives FREE #CATAPAatHome Package to Support Productivity of Companies from Various Industries


At present the COVID-19 or Corona virus is spread throughout the world, in Indonesia alone, there are more than 6,000 positive cases of Corona virus with a high number of deceased. To cut the transmission of the Corona virus, the Indonesian government issued PSBB (Pembatasan Sosial Berskala Besar) regulation that strongly encourage everyone to do their activities from home. In Indonesia, working from home is not yet an ordinary activity, so current situation where many workers have to work from home brings a significant impact on the company.

At times like this, of course, many company owners still want to be able to monitor their employees who work from home to keep the company's productivity running optimally. While some workers who get incentives based on their daily working time, feel worried that the company cannot record their working time accurately.

Seeing this condition, CATAPA, an AI-powered HR & Payroll solution company took the initiative to launch the CATAPAatHome package that can be used for FREE by all small to large-scale companies from various industries. To obtain the CATAPAatHome package, business owners could register their company on the CATAPA website or click

"We always interact with our clients from various industries, therefore we are very aware of the needs of business owners at times like this to be able to comply with government policies to send their employees to work from home but also at the same time to maintain business productivity," said Stefanie Suanita, Founder & CEO of CATAPA. "Seeing this condition, we offer FREE of our products for use by various companies from various industries, ranging from small scale companies such as startups to large scale companies, so that the concerns of business owners and employees can be minimized."

The CATAPAatHome package consists of 7 features that can be easily implemented immediately, including:

  1. Attendance records (time in and out) are equipped with location detection that can be accessed directly from each employee's cellphone and take selfies.
  2. Requests for leave and overtime which can also be accessed directly from the workers' mobile phones or by chatting with Claudia chatbot. If the application for leave and overtime has been approved, the workers will get a notification via email.
  3. Approval or rejection of attendance, leave, permission and overtime requests for supervisors that can be accessed from a mobile phone. Supervisors will automatically receive e-mail notifications of requests sent by workers into the CATAPA system.
  4. Provides monitoring dashboard of all workers attendance, leave and overtime that can be accessed via a mobile phone. This dashboard can only be accessed by certain people who have been given access by the company.
  5. Running payroll accurately from home using the Payroll One Click feature in just a second. Including calculating BPJS Health, Employment BPJS, and PPh 21 automatically. CATAPA has supported the calculation of PPh 21 borne by the government (DTP).
  6. Provides a salary slip and annual tax return (1721 A1) which can be downloaded easily via a mobile phone.
  7. Filing a claim to get approval or rejection from a supervisor that can be done via a mobile phone without having to come to the office. The supervisor will automatically get a notification via email for every submission of a claim made by the worker.
  8. As a SaaS (Software as a Service), CATAPA guarantees server management, installation, backup, repair and security of your data when you work at home or in the office. Companies no longer need to think about purchasing and maintaining servers.

The #CATAPAatHome package is supported by Artificial Intelligence technology implemented in the form of a chatbot called Claudia that will assist workers in submitting absences, requests for leave and overtime. The workers simply chat with Claudia which can be accessed directly via a mobile phone anytime and anywhere. Claudia can understand and answer various questions of its users and facilitate users in using the CATAPA Employee Self Service (ESS) feature, currently Claudia can be accessed from various messaging applications such as LINE, Telegram, Facebook Messenger and Slack.

CATAPA also uses cloud technology to update data automatically and can be integrated easily with other systems. CATAPA guarantees the security and privacy of personal consent information (Personal Identification Information).

"We always try to provide comfort and convenience for our users, so that CATAPA users can improve the efficiency and productivity of their company, especially in this difficult time like now, the CATAPA team helps provide the best services and features supported by the latest technology to help business owners, ranging from small scale to large scale from various industries," said Stefanie.


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