Datasaur Indonesia - The Fastest And Smartest Data Labeling Platform

by, an AI-powered data labeling platform

Datasaur Indonesia is an AI-powered data labeling platform. This recently hatched startup has the capability of churning through data at a remarkable speed.

Datasaur Indonesia has been founded in February 2019 by Ivan Lee who is based out of California. Mr. Lee is a computer science graduate from Stanford University. He has also co-founded Loki Studios with his fellow students from Stanford. After building a profitable game and raising institutional funding, Yahoo acquired Loki in 2013. Mr. Lee was then appointed by Yahoo as its first Associate Product Manager, with the responsibility of developing the company’s mobile search platform with artificial intelligence.

Datasaur develops smart tools to make labeling more efficient and productive while simultaneously increasing data privacy and security. The company uses artificial intelligence-based models and Natural Language Processing to proactively suggest labels and save time.

Datasaur Indonesia was founded so that building the right tools can further the adoption and democratization of AI. According to the company, both small and large companies are looking at alternatives to build their own in-house or ad-hoc data labeling tools. Some companies also prefer to work with full-service data labeling partners who charge premium prices. However, the cutthroat pricing has moved the focus on quantity over quality.

The conceptualization of Datasaur Indonesia is an effort to amalgamate all industry best practices and create a platform based on machine learning so that the clients can focus on what they do best.

The human-centric products of Datasaur Indonesia enable labelers to improve quality of work, work more efficiently, and uphold the security and privacy at the same time. The power of artificial intelligence provides for quality assurance. The AI-driven models suggest labels proactively thus saving you significant time and money. The labels that are contextually out of place or are not aligned with earlier tagging behavior are tinted for verification. The Project managers can, therefore, manage how many times each data will be labeled to assure accuracy.

Datasaur has received a seed round funding from GDP venture. However, the company is still open for additional participation from potential strategic partners in the seed round. Datasaur Indonesia, since its inception, has built a stellar team who are equipped and aligned to progress with the company’s vision.

In this early phase, the company’s service is still focused on text-based data input. However, Datasaur Indonesia also plans to expand its services into audio-based data input.

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