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by GDP Venture
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To bring every book in the world available for every human, especially those in the rural area, Amazon launchs a new literacy initiative called 'Kindle Reading Fund". The company is aiming to get books into the hands of those who don't normally have access. As part of the new program, Amazon is partnering with Worldreader, a non-profit that aims to bring digital books to children and families who cannot access them, to donate thousands of Kindle e-readers.

Worldreader isn’t a new partner with Amazon. It had its own repair facility in Africa since at least 2012, and was trading info with Amazon which was eventually used to make later Kindle models more sturdy.

In the blog post, SVP of Amazon Devices & Services David Limp said that their vision has always been to make every book in the world available to every customers in less than 60 seconds but with this vision, we recognize that not everyone has access to the books they want or need.

This initiative also donating devices to local schools and libraries, hospitals and other non-profits, and the National PTA. These amazing programs as just the beginning, Amazon said, there’s still so much room to grow. This remarkable initiative will create opportunities for some people that were simply not possible before. This is a prime example of tech being used for good, and that is tremendous.

It’s indeed fascinating to see how Amazon will conduct this, especially in Indonesia. Central Connecticut State University in the US has revealed that our country (Indonesia) ranks 60th out of 61 countries in terms of reading interest. Even though former culture and education minister Anies Baswedan told the number of libraries, books and mobile libraries does not always indicate a growing interest in reading, but Amazon’s attempts to distribute devices in order to bringing digital reading materials quite relevant.

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