Element.inc and EON Partner to launch AI-Based Digital Identity Solution

by Element.inc
Element.inc and EON Partner to launch AI-Based Digital Identity Solution


EON by UnionBank, a pioneer of digital banking in the Philippines, partnered with Element for its advanced intelligence-based digital identity solution that includes a state-of -the-art mobile facial recognition platform. The platform is an upgrade of the security features of EON’s banking solution currently accessible through its mobile app and website.      

“At UnionBank, we've pioneered bringing to market key enabling technologies, notably with the launch of the Philippines first facial recognition solution in our EON banking app. From this valuable experience, we recognized the importance of working with the highest quality partners to ensure performance standards are met,” said Paolo Baltao, EON Banking Group Head.

“This ultimately led us to the feature suite and expertise that Element provides. Element’s progressive liveness detection, on-premise deployment, and native-to-device authentication is unrivaled in the market and will help us expand beyond our current platforms.”

Element’s fit-for-purpose architecture is designed to operate in any environment, with the ability to be installed on premise and authenticate users even when offline. Designed with intention, Element’s digital identity platform can be integrated based on the specific needs of each partner.

“In the Philippines, we have over 20 forms of primary identity cards that we use for banking and government services. The fragmentation of the identity landscape creates challenges of verifying the authenticity of a person’s credentials for everyday transactions,” said July Palafox, Philippines Lead at Element.

“By enabling the Filipino to apply for an EON account from the comfort of their mobile phone, our identity solution helps drive financial inclusion, unlocks easier access to digital services, and provides peace of mind with secure transactions.”

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