Entering the Fifth Year, Dekoruma is committed to offering a variety of solutions for adaptive homes

by Dekoruma

The outbreak of the COVID-19 outbreak since early March 2020 in Indonesia has not shown any signs of abating. As a result, changes in people's behavior also encourage businesses in various lines to continue to adapt and innovate. No exception for Dekoruma, a home & living company that was founded in 2015.

The pandemic has changed many facets of life, from the level of mobility to the center of everyday life. "Now we are increasingly aware that a house not only has to meet the needs of its residents, but also must be able to adapt," said Dekoruma Co-founder and CEO, Dimas Harry Priawan. In order to reduce the worrying impact of the pandemic, people are urged to move from home. Therefore, the needs of home & living and interior are increasing. Entering its fifth year of work, Dekoruma offers various solutions to address adaptive homes. Starting from multifunctional and space-saving products, ease of transactions, to integration of a more concise design process.

Increasing the time spent at home makes the residents of the house more aware of the importance of adaptive houses that are well designed and comfortable. You don't need to be confused about harmonizing your residential style, because Dekoruma provides curated products that are easy to mix and match. Customers can take advantage of the 'Fit to buy' feature which offers a choice of stylish products that match the products that have been previously selected. This choice is the result of an interior stylist expert curation based on the habits of the people and the Japandi style that has developed in Indonesia. Multifunctional and space-saving furniture, for example. In addition, Dekoruma is always committed to working with local craftsmen. This is in line with the campaign launched by the government: #BanggaBuatanIndonesia.

In this new normal situation, Dekoruma always maintains the quality of its service. Free shipping facilities are available throughout Indonesia, including Java, Bali, Sumatra, and Kalimantan. Before making a purchase, Dekoruma also allows customers to see products and experience materials directly at the Dekoruma Experience Center (DEC). DEC is now available in Bekasi and Serpong and remains open with strict health protocols for customers in West Java and Banten who wish to visit. In addition, Dimas said that DEC would also soon open in various other cities in Java.

Interior trends have also experienced adaptations in terms of products and spatial planning to support health protocols. At home, for example, the entrance area or foyer needs to be maintained as a special area that is clean and hygienic. Meanwhile, a multifunctional space is very important to support various activities. In addition, the use of anti-bacterial materials in furniture is also useful for keeping the contents of the house sterile. Another case with office interiors, considerations of distance and density in space must be paid more attention. Adequate ventilation is even more crucial for maintaining good air circulation. Easy access to hygiene facilities such as sanitizer stations is also vital.

Dekoruma, which has handled interior projects of several big names such as the ASEAN Secretariat, Go-Work, and Ciputra, also has solutions for the needs of an all-digital era. SOMA is a breakthrough that connects interior actors, namely designers, clients and suppliers through an integrated platform that can be accessed online. The existence of SOMA accelerates the real-time budgeting process and makes it easier to purchase and ship goods

On the other hand, DekorumaHouse, Dekoruma's business line in the property sector, which has been active in the primary property market since the beginning, is now expanding its scope to the second property market. The second property enthusiast, whose number has now increased by more than 75%, is becoming the spotlight. This type of property is considered suitable for potential buyers who want their first home to live in, rather than investing. By targeting second-hand properties, buyers also have the opportunity to get housing that is strategically located and ready to live at below market prices. DekorumaHouse also makes it easy for enthusiasts who want to consult with the in-app chat feature in the application.

"In accordance with what we believe so far, a house that is designed according to needs and adaptive to all situations is important for everyone, especially in times like this," said Dimas. In the end, one room must be able to fulfill various activities because all #BisaDiRumah. There is no need for a complicated way to make it happen, just start from a small corner in where we live.

Celebrate Dekoruma's 5th birthday and enjoy PE5TA, an Extra Special Birthday Promo with a variety of attractive offers. Starting from 8 Days Category & Brand Deals to Flash Sale on the website and Instagram Live on the @dekoruma account. For those of you who shop directly at the Dekoruma Experience Center (DEC), also get a Special Gift with Purchase. This promo period runs from 1-10 October 2020, and especially on 2-5 October, Dekoruma co-founders will be present directly at DEC to serve directly and appreciate customers. For more information, visit the Dekoruma website and upgrade your home to make it safer and more comfortable.

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