Facebook is Building a Steam-style Gaming Platform

by GDP Venture
Facebook gaming

I do remember playing games in my early days on Facebook. So does everyone was playing games like Mafia Wars, Farmville and Cityville, etc. And then users started shifting toward mobile, game developers crumbled, on the other hand Facebook seems also lost interest to put bigger effort to fix this, though currently they still have 650 million people play games. But now Facebook implying to rise its gaming platform once again, the company announced partnership with big player in the industry, Unity Technologies.

Social media giant Facebook has said that it is building a new standalone gaming service for desktops. In addition, Unity’s role that it will be helping Facebook develop the new platform, and the company said that it will work to give Unity developers new ways to reach and engage Facebook’s audience of 650M+ gamers. That represents 38 percent of Facebook's 1.71 billion monthly active users. A selected group of developers will be given access to a closed alpha build of this functionality, with more being added to the program on an ongoing basis.

There are already a number of desktop game services out there, including Electronic Arts’ Origin and Ubisoft’s UPlay, but the current king of PC gaming is without a doubt Valve Corp’s Steam client, which as of a little over a year ago, boasted somewhere in the neighborhood of over 125 million active users.

Partnering with Unity could be a smart way for Facebook, which owns Oculus, to develop a relationship with virtual reality game developers, which could help the company get them on board later on. With this step, Steam’s size is a drop in the bucket compared to Facebook’s 1.13 billion daily users.

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