Facebook Flash; Specifically Designed for Emerging Market

by GDP Venture

Facebook launched Flash; a new Snapchat-like app specifically designed for emerging market, which is yet another attempt by the company to take on the Snapchat itself. The app is being billed as a Snapchat competitor for emerging markets, as it boasts a small memory footprint and will work in areas with more limited data connectivity.

Back in December 2012, Facebook unveiled the Poke app, which allowed users to send instant messages, photos, or videos that vanished after ten seconds at most. Two years later, in May 2014, Zuckerberg’s team pulled the plug on the uninspired app. It was said that the app was developed within 12 days only, which gave the impression that Facebook was not at all serious about Poke. Then in June of that same year, Facebook’s Creative Labs introduced Slingshot with the same ephemeral element of Snapchat: all of the photos and videos you sent through the app could be easily deleted. But it was poor as well, after Facebook decided to shutter the app in December of last year along with other Creative Labs apps. And then enter Flash.

According to a report from Recode, this new app called Flash was developed for users in emerging markets with poor data and WiFi availability. The app is less than 25MB in size, which takes up much less space on a mobile device than Snapchat for Android, which is about 70MB in size. The app also works in regions with limited Internet access. Facebook has already launched the app for Android devices in Brazil.

While this is not something western markets may be too concerned with, in territories with less developed internet and with harsher bandwidth restrictions, it could be a major component. With Flash, Facebook is grabbing Snapchat market that hasn’t gained a foothold.. Facebook hasn’t given out information on regions or a timeline yet though, but it seems likely that Flash will be targeted at markets with limited WiFi availability and lower Snapchat adoption rates, and it might as well available in Indonesia too.

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