Facebook Offline Video Mode

by GDP Venture
Facebook Offline Video

As giant internet company, Facebook always feels responsible to deliver an easier Internet conenction to people whom live in the emerging countries. One of their latest attempt was to implement offline video mode trialing in India. But it is now available for Android users worldwide.

This feature allow Facebook’s users to download videos while they’re online on a good Internet connections, and then view it later at anytime and anywhere without using extra mobile data. The move followed feedback from users in the India citing poor video experiences because of limited mobile coverage, says Facebook.

142 million users in India, said the new feature helps users get through the lag between downloading and playing a video by saving it for later, similar to the YouTube feature that introduced offline video in 2014 to cater to Indians crazy about watching Bollywood song sequences, cricket snippets and comedy sketches.

User could just click the dropdown menu of any video and select ‘Save Video’ to use the newly added function. The footage will soon appear under ‘Videos’ in your ‘Saved’ directory. The feature itself keeps the file within your Facebook app so you can later view the video offline instead of download it straight to your phone. Along this lines you can only access offline videos from within the Facebook app.

Only original videos posted on personal Facebook accounts and on the platform’s pages can be downloaded. The program was being tested on a small percentage of Indian users, the company decided to make it available for Android users worldwide though no word on when the feature may come to iOS.

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