Facebook vs Adblock Plus

by GDP Venture

Facebook plan to bypass ad-blocker service on desktop. Adblock Plus, the ad-blocking community, came with a workaround to that because they hate ads.

But the thing is, advertising revenue is what publishers/websites need to keep on going. Facebook tried to accomodate that, Adblock can not simply agreed hence the workaround after two days, Facebook came with another workaround for Adblock’s workaround, and so on and so forth. Sounds complicated? Bear with us.

Facebook announced it would begin circumventing ad blocking software in an effort to show more ads in the News Feed by blended the HTML of its ads on the web into its content so they’d still appear to users with ad blocking software, though there’s an opt-out settings. Then Adblock Plus released latest filter to overcome it, in two days later.

Unfortunately for Adblock Plus, their workaround accused it of ensnaring legitimate content from friends and Pages. And just Adblock Plus acknowledged that Facebook would likely respond in a swift manner, Facebook succeed to disabled it again.

Adblock Plus is facing a war they can’t win. Their workaround requires users to update software in order to receive the full benefits of the tool. It even required users to manually edit their filter list—which is an added barrier of entry that most people won’t bother to cross. In contrast, Facebook can update every single user’s homepage with the push of a button.

As per 12 August, Adblock Plus released another workaround which is cracked by Facebook in just about 6 hours. But Adblock Plus vows to strike back soon.

Adblock Plus stated that Facebook abuse its own users’ experience by forcing the way people use the Internet. In the name of “the people”, Adblock Plus also persuade publishers and websites to work with them and their whitelisting process, rather than circumventing consumers’ expressed concerns.

The war has reignited the debate about the legitimacy of ad blocking software once again.

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