The Future of Medical Tech

by GDP Venture
Med Tech

The Internet of Things (IoT) is penetrating all sectors of technology at an accelerating pace. And the healthcare vertical is one of the key markets where the IoT is expected to have the greatest impact, like integrating connected medical devices and analyzing data to enhance the operations for example.

Big tech company Cisco has technology which helps hospitals track staff through gathering data around collaboration and communication processes and analyzing this data using IoT based on its Medical-Grade Network, which enables biomedical devices to operate interactively.

Meanwhile IBM has Watson IoT platform, the solution provides securely transmit data from heart-monitoring devices to an on-premise health-care system. Over the years, IBM has also inked various partnerships to bolster its IoT health segment, including a partnership with Medtronic to create IoT-enabled medical devices; as well as a partnership with Apple to integrate Watson into ResearchKit and HealthKit, enabling the collection of personal data for use in clinical trials.

Basically, IoT technology can decrease the need for physical checkups and appointments, saving time, and cutting expenditures greatly. Through remote monitoring, medical professionals can perform diagnostics, improve adherence to prescribed therapies, check on medical equipment, make provisions for better chronic disease management, and ensure connected care for the aged people. All without having to physically consult a doctor.

Yes, healthcare/medical tech is highly-regulated. No medical institutions can freely adopt new technology directly to perform medical act, at least in Indonesia. But the best practice healthcare services to exists now is as complement for a better service. Healthcare organizations should realize the immediate benefit of more streamlined workflows and the long-term promise of insights using big data analytics. And ultimately, data care perpetuates more effective patient care and outcomes.

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