Gojek Launch New Protector Innovation for Driver Partners

by Gojek

Gojek has just announced a new initiative for transportation services on its platform. Through this new initiative, Gojek wants to improve the safety and comfort of customers, including driver partners.

Through this new initiative, the company presents three of the latest innovations, namely the GoRide Driver Protection Tool, the 'Security Commitment to the J3K Protocol' feature, and the Selfie Verification Mask feature.

"Realizing that the pandemic situation is so dynamic, we continue to adapt and present new innovations based on non-technology and technology to maintain cleanliness and health together," said Gojek's Chief of Corporate Affairs, Nila Marita, in an official statement received.

According to Nila, this innovation is also a form of strengthening Gojek's position as a digital transportation service provider company with the most complete upstream to downstream health protocols in transportation services.

For information, for the GoRide driver partner protection tool facility, the company presents an additional face shield that can be attached to the driver partner's helmet glass.

This facility is already available in 16 main cities. Gojek also distributes it to more than 36 thousand partners. GoRide will continue in stages. A similar partition is also available on the GoCar service.

Meanwhile, the Security Commitment feature for the J3K Protocol can be found when users order GoRide, GoCar, and GoBlue Bird services.

Through this feature, customers are required to press a button that states that they have committed to using a mask, do not travel in unhealthy conditions, wash their hands before and after riding a vehicle, or pay non-cash.

Then, now there is also the J3K Protocol Checklist and Mask Verification Selfie features in the driver partner application. This feature is here to ensure that the driver partners are correct and in accordance with the health protocol.

Finally, Gojek also launched a Geofencing feature to help driver partners maintain a safe distance. So, this feature will detect and give a warning if there is a crowd of driver partners while waiting for passengers.

Previously, Gojek strengthened the Gojek Shield technology with the latest innovations to increase the safety and comfort of partners and users. This latest innovation is in the form of an Offical Report (Fictitious Order) feature that does not use long and illegal device detection technology.

Through these features, it is hoped that the safety and comfort of users and partners will always be maintained, so that they can contribute to improving the quality of service and security in the Gojek ecosystem as a whole. The two new features are based on Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

The Report Ofik (Fictional Order) feature doesn't take long

Through this feature, driver partners can report fictitious orders directly from the driver application without having to call the call center. In less than 2 minutes after the report is generated via the application, the system will automatically cancel the indicated order.

Technology to detect illegal devices automatically

As stated in the Gojek (Tartibjek) Code of Conduct, in order to protect the safety of partners, Gojek from the start has banned the use of illegal devices such as Fake GPS and Mod App (modified applications).

Gojek technology has been able to automatically detect and take action against partners using illegal devices. If the system detects it, illegal device users will be subject to gradual sanctions, starting from temporary account deactivation to termination of the partnership.

Kelvin Timotius, Head of Driver Operations - Trust & Safety Gojek said he was proud to continue to support and protect partners and users through Gojek Shield technology.

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