Gojek Launches GoScreen, the Pioneer of Modern Outdoor Media for More Optimal and Right-Targeted Advertising

by Gojek

Gojek, the leading Super App in Southeast Asia through its business arm in the advertising sector, Promogo officially introduces GoScreen as an outdoor advertising medium (Out of Home / OOH) with the latest technology to make advertising more effective, optimal and right on target. As a modern OOH media, GoScreen has four advantages over similar media:

  1.  Programmatic advertising technology (programmatic ads) to personalize content according to the time and location of the audience
  2. real-time impression measurement
  3. utilizing a Gojek two-wheeled fleet that has high mobility and wide coverage
  4. Have an affordable price.

Gojek Chief Commercial Officer, Antoine de Carbonnel said, "The main challenge for outdoor advertising users today is measuring the effectiveness and performance of advertisements. GoScreen answers this through technology that is able to measure ad performance based on location and time precisely so that it provides advertisers with a complete report. In line with our vision to continue to create positive social impacts for business partners as well as driver partners in their ecosystem. Not only can it be used by big brands, GoScreen can also be an option for MSMEs to market their products. On the other hand, two-wheeled driver partners who participate can also have additional income " This latest innovation from Promogo is believed to have received high enthusiasm from advertisers, considering that this innovation is one of 12 advertising technology trends that have been and will continue to develop. [1] Moreover, Indonesia's advertising spending at the end of 2020 is estimated to continue to grow by 5.3%. [2]

The positive trend in the advertising industry in the country is reflected in the Promogo business which has also shown positive performance in the last two years. Until the third quarter of 2020, on average, all OOH solutions from Promogo have increased business growth (growth) by 40%, with more than 50 thousand driver partners joined, and generated impressions of 15 billion views.

Promogo Director, Kiranjeet Purba said, "The services we offer provide brands with advertising solutions that are more scalable in data, at competitive prices. Brands can optimize their ads in real-time, and monitor their performance through a special online dashboard that is transparent and clear. "

This is because GoScreen is equipped with cameras and beacon-based technology [3] to calculate the level of ad impressions, so brands can transparently monitor exposure levels, the number of active vehicles and the mileage achieved by partners.

"The reach of Gojek's two-wheeled transportation mode that has high mobility is also key in providing more benefits for brands to get a hyper-local digital advertising experience so that they can target specific locations down to the sub-district area through more attractive content using LED screens," he added. Kiran.

This innovative GoScreen advertising technology solution has also received the Open Measurement SDK (OM SDK) certification [4] from the international organization IAB Tech Lab (Interactive Advertising Bureau Tech Lab). [5] Shailley Singh, VP Product Interactive Advertising Bureau Tech Lab (IAB Tech Lab) said the solutions offered by GoScreen answered the needs of advertisers for dynamic, scalable and transparent OOH solutions, which made the IAB Tech Lab enthusiastic about providing OM SDK certification to GoScreen. Making it the world's first programmable OOH Digital advertising solution to receive this certification.

“Despite the latest innovations in advertising technology, brands still have difficulty reaching potential consumers in relevant times and locations through the right open measurement technology. The presence of GoScreen with OM SDK is expected to provide more comfort and benefits because brands can immediately know that they are getting a measurable return on investment (Return of Investment) from what they have invested in GoScreen, " said Shailley.

Meanwhile, Manesheel Gautam, Mindshare Digital Leader, said that GoSreen exploits the potential of advertising in Indonesian urban cities by using the power of insight from location, data and audiences. online and offline based advertising channels or more commonly known as Omni Channel. So, they can more easily connect with potential customers by targeting each channel used by their audience. So, it can answer the needs of brands to create results that are more measurable, effective and transparent. "

The effectiveness of GoScreen has been felt by Publicis Media, one of the first business partners to experience GoScreen in its two-month trial phase in Jabodetabek. ) is the foundation for us in carrying out this pilot phase. As a result, more than four million impressions with 40% Share of Voice, reached more than 850,000 people through 2,000 hours of advertisements with the right time and location as the key, "said Saravanan Mudaliar, General Manager of Publicis Media.

GoScreen Domino Effect: From Additional Income for Driver Partners to Encouraging Visibility of MSME Business

GoScreen's solution can also trigger various positive multiplier effects on other parties in the Gojek ecosystem, including driver partners. All Promogo services have also provided benefits for Gojek driver partners to increase their income.

"Through GoScreen, our partners have the opportunity to get additional income opportunities of up to 20% of their normal income. In addition, the GoScreen solution at an affordable price can also be utilized by MSME businesses to start increasing brand visibility, as well as developing their business to a higher level through data utilization, so that they are able to decide a more effective business strategy, "concluded Kiran.

Gojek also provides affordable packages for MSME players who want to use GoScreen as an advertising medium. For more information, click GoScreen.

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