'Gojek' Name Flying in Three Neighboring Countries

by Detik.com

Taking the moment of the 75th anniversary of the Republic of Indonesia, Gojek raised its name in three neighboring countries. Yes, this ride sharing service officially integrates its name and application in Vietnam, Singapore and Thailand.

GoViet in Vietnam and GET in Thailand are transforming into Gojek. Following this integration, customers only have to have one application to access various services. For example, customers from Indonesia can directly use the Gojek application when in Vietnam, and vice versa.

Gojek co-CEO Andre Soelistyo said the flying of Gojek's name in four countries (including Indonesia), coinciding with the 75th anniversary of the Republic of Indonesia, is a validation of the competitiveness of the nation's work in the international arena. The company's mission in Indonesia to continue creating positive social impacts and advancing the nation through community resource development, creating opportunities to earn additional income, and empowering MSMEs, has also proven to be the key to success in other countries. "These three elements are our foundation in innovating to create solutions to problems that exist in everyday life," said Andre in his official statement, Monday (17/8/2020). Gojek currently claims to have become a mainstay of customers in these four countries. In Indonesia, Gojek claims to be the market leader, while in Vietnam, GoFood is rapidly growing to become one of the leading players in food delivery services.

And in 2019, GoViet (now called Gojek) was included in the list of 100 most reliable products and services in Vietnam released by the Vietnam Economic Times. In Singapore, Gojek provides ride-hailing options with the presence of GoCar, which since its launch has experienced strong growth. In Thailand, GET (which soon changed its name to Gojek) has become the fastest growing food delivery platform in the land of the White Elephant.

"The integration of Gojek platform in these four countries at the same time represents the enthusiasm and dedication of millions of partners who bring the name of the nation to the international arena. Our partners play a major role in serving the community as well as contributing to the turning of the wheels of the economy. Not only that, Gojek partners also show high dedication even to the world. the situation is difficult in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. In various regions, Gojek partners have even taken further steps by initiating social movements for others and the surrounding environment. " said Kevin Aluwi, Co-CEO of Gojek. The integration of the Gojek application globally will also be carried out for the driver-partner application which will change to GoPartner. In the future, this application will facilitate the activities of driver partners in working by accelerating the process of updating technology and available features.

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