Gojek Releases Employee Management Feature for GoBiz

by Gojek

Gojek released a new feature for the GoBiz application that its business partners use. The new feature is Manage Employees, which can make it easier for business voters to manage employee access from anywhere.

It is hoped that the Employee Management feature can help business partners continue to run their business safely and comfortably in the midst of a pandemic.

"Good employee management has an impact on smooth business operations, especially during a pandemic where business owners and employees do not always meet. To answer these needs, we present an employee management feature which is very easy to use and can be accessed directly on the GoBiz application or through the GoBiz Dashboard website , "said Gojek's Head of Merchant Platform Business, Novi Tandjung, as quoted from his official statement.

"This feature also provides a clear barrier of access between employees to one another, thus preventing misuse of data by irresponsible parties," said Novi.

Manage Employees Feature Details Here is a breakdown of GoBiz's Employee Management features:

  1. Manage access for each employee according to business needs

  2. Securing secrets related to business ownership

  3. Have access to important information such as transactions and commissions

Since being present to complement the GoBiz application, the Manage Employees feature is claimed to help culinary MSME partners become more productive and reduce concerns regarding the division of roles in managing a business.

A GoFood culinary UMKM partner, Suci Suryanto, admits that it is safer since using this feature. Suci is the owner of the Martabak +62 Bandung business. "The Manage Employees feature is one of my main functions in the GoBiz application. Now, even though I am not at the outlet, when an order comes in, I can still receive orders from afar, because I share the role of manager and cashier with my employees, which is regulated. in that feature," said Suci.

Not only functionally, Suci added that the Manage Employees feature is also useful in maintaining business data. "The Manage Employees feature helps divide roles between cashiers, managers and owners. Orders can still be managed by cashiers or managers, while complete sales report data can only be accessed by the owner (owner) from the GoBiz application," Suci said.

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