Gojek Releases the GoGreener Carbon Offset Feature

by Gojek

Gojek, in collaboration with the Jejak.in startup, releases a new feature, GoGreener Carbon Offset, in its application.

Through this feature, Gojek users can calculate the resulting carbon footprint, then convert it to planting a number of trees for carbon absorption.

To motivate users to use this feature, Gojek will double the number of trees planted in the first six months since launch.

Gojek and Jejak.in's technology collaboration is claimed to make tree planting activities for carbon offset easier, more transparent and sustainable.

Gojek users can calculate the carbon footprint that is produced every day, and choose the option to absorb this carbon footprint.

The calculation results of each user will be converted into the number of trees that need to be planted to absorb the resulting carbon footprint.

"This is a program that I really like. Its mission is in line with our vision as a company that cares about social impacts. We partner with Jejak.in to join our ecosystem, and expand the positive impact," said Gojek Co-CEO, Kevin Aluwi, in the GoGreener Carbon Offset launch event online.

The CEO & Founder of Jejak.in, Arfan Arlanda, hopes that more and more people will actively participate in protecting the environment and protecting biological wealth through technological innovation.

"So, this innovation can be developed sustainably on a broader scale," he said.

Jejak.in has a software-based census system for managing trees and plants. Tree care system is done with realtime data and analysis.

The collected trees will be planted by conservator partners Gojek and Jejak.in, namely Protect Hutan, an online fundraising platform specifically for forest and environmental conservation.

The Protect Forest Team will carry out planting, monitoring tree growth, and a sustainable evaluation report that can be accessed by Gojek users.

Users simply enter the Gojek application, then select the Jejak.in shuffle card from the main page. After that, consumers can calculate the carbon footprint produced every day, and buy trees to absorb carbon footprint. Payments are made via GoPay.

In the first phase, trees will be planted in the Pantai Indah Kapuk Mangrove Ecotourism Area, DKI Jakarta, the Coastal Mangrove Conservation Bedono, Demak, Java, and the Laskar Conservation of the Bontang Mangrove Park National Park, East Kalimantan. Mangrove trees will be planted in these three locations.

"The initial stage is only in the three locations, and this is still in phase I. It will be expanded later," said GoGreener Carbon Offset Program Manager, Yoanita Simanjuntak.

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