Gojek Users Now Can Pay Motor Vehicle Tax via Application

by Gojek

During a pandemic like today, there needs to be various innovations in order to meet the various needs of the community in carrying out daily activities from home. Moreover, to resolve various public administration matters which are usually time consuming and tiring.One of them, pay taxes and take care of the administration of a motorbike or car even though people are advised to restrict going out of the house. Already imagined the complexity of the preparation starting from commuting to Samsat, queuing until crowded. Not to mention if it turns out the service was closed because the volume of visitors exploded.

Currently Gojek provides an easy solution to pay taxes and take care of motor vehicle administration through its newest service called GoService. The GoService service, which is a collaboration of Gojek and JumpaPay platform, includes an annual and five-year extension of the Vehicle Registration Certificate (STNK) as well as the maintenance of the vehicle registration and block name registration. GoService services can currently be used in the Jakarta, Depok, Tangerang and Bekasi areas.

Through this service, Gojek hopes that customers can be more productive to process submissions to be shorter and more efficient, which originally took 2-4 hours, now it is only 5-10 minutes or 24 times more efficient. One GoService user, Jusa M. Joesaki who is an employee at a private Palm Oil Plantation company in Jakarta said that the superiority of GoService has helped him in matters of paying taxes and administering motor vehicle administration. "Previously, I had to spend hours in paying taxes and taking care of the administration of motor vehicles. My time ran out on the road until the queue was crowded. Using GoService was now more efficient and my time was saved a lot."

Head of Third Party Platform Sony Radhityo said, "Efficiency is an important key to the presence of GoService in our ecosystem, so customers can always be productive."

In addition to time efficiency, there are three other advantages that GoService has, including security through an integrated payment system, transparency of services with information disclosure on cost components in the application without any hidden costs, and convenience because customers can take advantage of services while staying active at home.

For the sake of implementing service convenience during the COVID-19 pandemic, JumpaPay ensures that it operates in compliance with health protocols. The implementation of the protocol is in line with Gojek's commitment to promote the Health, Hygiene and Safety (J3K) protocol in supporting the productivity of all ecosystem users, so that they can continue their activities safely, comfortably, and maintain their health.

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