Halodoc and Gojek Provide Free COVID-19 Drive Thru Rapid Test Partnership with RS Mitra Keluarga

by Halodoc & GoJek

The Ministry of Health and The National Disaster Management Agency have appointed Halodoc as the first digital-based health application to conduct COVID-19 drive thru rapid tests for the general public to conduct initial screening. As part of Halodoc's commitment and awareness to deliver end-to-end solutions to help contain COVID-19 outbreak, this social initiative aims to support the government in implementing a broader directional screening for people with risks of exposure to COVID-19. Halodoc teams up with Gojek to hold the initiative, and also Mitra Keluarga Hospital as the medical team in charge for conducting the test, as well as the Pusat Pengelola Komplek Kemayoran (PPKK) as the provider of the venue for the rapid tests.

CEO of Halodoc, Jonathan Sudharta, explained, “Initial risk assessments, one method being mass rapid-testing, play an important role in suppressing the spread of COVID-19. With our technology-led capabilities, Halodoc allows the public to undergo the tests easily and accurately while following physical distancing guidance. We appreciate Gojek, RS Mitra Keluarga and PPK Kemayoran for their cooperation that this initiative can immediately benefit the community.”

Currently, the drive thru service is available to people in Jakarta and there is no charge for the provision of rapid test equipment and the services of medical personnel who carry out the examination, during the period of April 10 - 17 2020.

In response to the partnership between Gojek and Halodoc in supplying the rapid tests, Co-CEO of Gojek Group, Andre Soelistyo, said, “Through the Halodoc collaboration with Gojek, more and more Indonesians will be able to access the COVID-19 rapid test. Thus, the spread of COVID-19 will be more easily mapped and can be suppressed. This is in line with our commitment to be at the forefront in preventing the spread of COVID-19 to ensure the safety and health of the Indonesian people.

The rapid test process provided by Halodoc is relatively easy and in line with government directives, which is only carried out on moderate and high risk patients. First, the user must conduct a teleconsultation via Halodoc application with a doctor assigned to handle COVID-19. This teleconsultation service can also be accessed by millions of people through the Gojek application by selecting the Check COVID-19 shuffle card. If the doctor considers the user needs to undergo the rapid test, the user need to simply click on the BOOK APPOINTMENT on the doctor's chat summary to determine the place and time of the examination.

During the examination process, users are encouraged to come to the location by motorcycle or private car, or use online transportation services while maintaining safety guidelines during the trip. The test results will be informed on the following day via SMS or Halodoc Application. If the results turn out to be positive, it will be recommended to re-consult a doctor at Halodoc to determine further treatment, such as self-isolation or further examination to the COVID-19 referral hospital.

This rapid test will use blood samples to be tested. The blood drawn will then be used to detect immunoglobulins, which are antibodies that form when the body has an infection. Thus, patients in the early stages of infection can be identified more quickly. Previously, the World Health Organization (WHO) on various occasions also emphasized the urgency of the presence of effective test services for the wider community. Based on WHO data, about 80% of COVID-19 patients in the world only experience mild symptoms, and can recover with home care treatment without the need to be hospitalized. (source: World Health Organization, ​https://www.who.int/news-room/q-a-detail/q-a-coronaviruses)

Patients who are at home can be helped to consult online with the doctor through a teleconsultation service via Halodoc and Gojek, as well as getting medicines delivered directly by Gojek. This telemedicine service helps the government to focus on handling COVID-19 patients who are in the high risk category or in a medium to severe condition.

CEO of Rumah Sakit Mitra Keluarga, Rustyan Oen explained, “We appreciate Halodoc and Gojek’s effort in initiating the drive thru rapid test. As the medical team that will assist the test, we hope this initiative can be utilized by the wider community. Thus, prevention of COVID-19 in Jakarta can be more effective as well as to ease our burden as medical personnel. Let's continue to work hand in hand in fighting this pandemic.”

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