Healthtech Trends in Indonesia

by GDP Venture

Startup industry is just around the corner, and healthcare services are there too! Thanks to the internet, HaloDoc as one of the healthcare service players in Indonesia connects people with doctors and public health workers through online chat, allowing people to more casually get information on their conditions so they could take actions needed to stay healthy can be accessed by smartphones nearly anywhere at anytime.

The platform available as a desktop site and mobile app which enables patients to consult with doctors through video calls, voice calls and chat. There are approximately 600 doctors active in HaloDoc, availabe for consulting for more than 2,000 users. If you are a doctor, then LinkDokter (a social media platform for Indonesian health practitioners) may the app that suits you well. The platform also integrates ApotikAntar app that connect users to certified pharmacies with personal delivery for medications. For additional information, ApotikAntar’s service also available through Go-Jek app as a further synergy between HaloDoc and the on-demand services platform under the name Go-Med.

As the one stop healthcare service, HaloDoc’s aim to create an ecosystem which completely focuses on health as consumer oriented. HaloDoc CEO Jonathan Sudharta said seek an integrated health are services that places high regards to patient safety.

e27 wrote the founding of HaloDoc was inspired by Sudharta’s own experience, consulting via text messages and video conference with his doctor friends. He realized that this issue also faced by many people in the nation so HaloDoc invented to, at least, ease the pain.

Even though healthcare still lags behind others in using technology for many of its functions because of its highly-regulated industry, the trends is a hot niche. Few days ago, HaloDoc’s sister company PesanLab just launched to fill the gap in today’s health tech startup scene in Indonesia.

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