How to Create An Uncontroversial Yet Impactful Digital Content

by GDP Venture

When it comes to speak out what’s in our mind, the most considered things are: what would people say to us regarding the content we shared? Is it impactful, or worse, is it offending certain people? To freely speak our mind and be creative, people shouldn’t be depressed over what might people think. But, in reality, we should.

Since internet enable people to express their thoughts in front of massive audience, controversial content is accidentally inevitable. So how to create an uncontroversial yet impactful digital content?

Be original. Innovate your creativity, tell your audiences what’s really bothering you? In that way, there would be a mutual value between you and your certain audiences. Those people who gets triggered will voluntarily engage, and share your contents.

Put surprise elements, perhaps a little taste of controversial stuff which evokes high arousal; your audience more likely to feel surprised. There's too much content online for your piece to stand out if it goes along with what everyone else is saying. But don’t put it too much, you don’t want to provoke a whole planet, are you? 

Audio visuals are sometimes more popular than other format because this type of content enjoys longer lifespan. Based on that, content creators might also invest more effort to provide a better technical elements like: high-quality illustration images, infographics, special effects on videos, etc.

In the end of the day,  you should define your purpose and your core beliefs. And do some research about your audience’s preference and behaviour, it may not work right away and maybe not every single time, but your chances will be much higher each day.

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