How Google Daydream Sets New Standard in VR

by GDP Venture

People still continue to buy smartphones, and Google want to build a whole new ecosystem upon what people are comfortable with and what people already have and are familiar with. Google building an ecosystem that users will be able to navigate inside virtual reality named Google Daydream with partners that will make Daydream-ready phones.

Google will "take a very, very strong stance" on quality, performance, framerate, and image latency said Google VR Head Clay Bavor.

Build upon their success in Google Cardboard, Daydream is a way for Google to finally reign in many of the VR devices and decisions under one performance profile, and more importantly experience, before there is too much fragmentation. And there’s reference platform for Daydream as well as announced plans to develop their own Daydream device that will likely serve as a platform for Daydream developers. If they can make a new great ecosystem, like they did with Android, and as an advertising company at its core, VR could also bring more data and targeting capabilities for ad opportunities.

Recent news also stated that Google wants the entirety of the internet to be explorable in virtual reality, and it's started using its mobile Chrome browser to make that happen supported by WebVR.

Bringing VR to the web is a pretty hefty project, and we’re just at the very early stages.

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