Instagram Stories vs Snapchat

by GDP Venture
Instagram Stories

Except millennials, we are pretty sure adult Indonesian people most likely never use Snapchat. Some of them may heard before, and some others didn’t. After the initial launched of Instagram Stories, a so-called copycat of Snapchat, Instagram’s users who never been used Snapchat learned new thing: how Snapchat works.

Snapchat offers a messaging, sharing and broadcast service where most content disappears after 24 hours. This new kind of social networking became so popular it gained more than 150 million daily users now. Now Instagram’s Stories considered as a threat that would kill Snapchat.

That may be true, but not today. In fact, Instagram Stories’ main target are all the people who’ve been curious about Snapchat’s fun creation tools and format, but either tried and abandoned it, or wrote it off as just for teens or too much work to adopt. Instagram doesn’t have to be better than Snapchat, a good-enough is enough.

Instagram Stories miss the nature of Snapchat Stories. There are no geofilters, animated selfie lenses, 3D stickers, speed effects or screenshot alerts. The camera isn’t the default home screen for spontaneous recording. And uploads don’t go as smoothly. Because the goal of the good-enough strategy is to hinder your competitor’s future growth, not steal what they’ve already gained, as been told by TechCrunch.

But Instagram doesn’t have to put more effort to attract new users. The platform could easily harness its big existing users, while on the other hand the users doesn’t have to build a new audience or feed from scratch. If it doesn’t work out, Instagram could still scrap the Stories feature. With or without Stories, Instagram still dominates over Snapchat.

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