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Kincir, a social media that allows fans to connect with their idol celebrity, recently launched a mobile application for the Android platform. Through a press release received by Tech in Asia (4/11), CEO and Co-Founder of Kincir, Giring Ganesha, revealed that the presence of this mobile application is one of the efforts of his team to meet the needs of users. He said:

We are very enthusiastic to continue our innovate and provide convenient access for members. Therefore, we also conduct periodic surveys of members with the aim that what we develop in Kincir is relevant to their needs. We hope that the presence of mobile applications and updates on UI and UX can fulfill what members needed.


At the same time,  Kincir also announced the replacement of its service logo.

Easy for fan and idol interactions

Same with social media in general, through this application users can follow their idol account, add friends or fellow fans, make comments, like, or share. On each page of the idol account, users can see the number of fans, profiles, photos, videos, timelines that contain posts from idols, and timelines that contain posts from fans.

In addition to the push notification feature that allows users to find out the latest updates from the idols, Kincir also provides photo and video upload features in the application. Fans and celebrities can upload videos without duration limitation with a maximum capacity of 50MB per video.

Since its launch on 2013, Kincir claims to have around 210,000 members and 279 local and international idols. Meanwhile, according to Google Play, the mobile application itself only gets around 10 - 50 downloads. Next, Kincir also plans to develop applications for the iOS and Windows platforms.

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