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by Kontrak Hukum

We have seen many restrictions put in place in the effort to stop the spread of COVID-19 virus, from Physical Distancing to Shutting down high traffic places and offices. Welcome to the era of Working From Home (WFH).

Doing business and working remotely poses a challenge, it has put a significant impact on almost all business sectors. We can feel the strain on keeping the workforce productive while the businesses are unprepared to face these new challenges. Based on data compiled by the DKI Jakarta Manpower, Transmigration, and Energy Office as of April 4, 2020, 25,956 Jakarta workers were laid off and 113,332 temporarily laid off.

Moreover, This condition caused confusion among workers and business people in accepting and anticipating applicable policies and regulations. What are the rights of employees who got laid off in the face of this outbreak? How do business people deal with businesses that have to stop operating?

Therefore, Kontrak Hukum seeks to provide information that can be a solution for those affected by this pandemic with a program called Kepoin Hukum, Di Rumah Aja Bareng KH, every Thursday at 4 pm. Aside from the live talk show, Kontrak Hukum created short informational videos through Instagram TV and discussion through our podcast. We have also intensified our newsletter and One-on-One consultation services to ensure that we can help when needed.

It is hoped that with this program, Kontrak Hukum can help and embrace both the public and business people in dealing with the current situation. Kontrak Hukum is committed to remain active and to become the partners who can assist in the field of law and regulation with readily available services.

Keep updated to Kepoin Hukum by following us in Instagram @kontrakhukum, check out our IGTV and our podcast.  See you in the next episode.


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