Microsoft Mobile App Deep Linking

by GDP Venture
deep linking

Instead of open the website in a mobile browser, deep linking allows users to directly open the native app seamlessly. This technology being explored further by Microsoft with a more sophisticated way called uLink.

Microsoft Research is on the verge of changing how users interact with mobile applications. uLink provides links to mobile app pages on the go, linking to and between specific and personalized locations within different mobile apps, aids you find something without having to re-do all the steps you took to see it. Kind of like browser bookmarks for apps or Google's deep app linking without the need to go online. The team has implemented the uLink system on Android, and suggest it will require fewer lines of code than the alternatives so developer could minimize the effort and achieves significantly higher coverage than other techniques.

uLink potentially released in exactly the same way as existing deep linking libraries from Apple and Google and others, as shortcuts baked into an app by its developers.

The researchers have not yet addressed the potential privacy and security issues this recording method and these services can have, though they are aware of them and have considered encryption and opt-out policies as possible solutions. But it's a promising step forward in improving integration between mobile apps so that they work less like silos and more like a smarter web.

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