Microsoft Surface Studio could Make PC Great Again

by GDP Venture

Microsoft announced the Surface Studio, a new all-in-one PC that's designed to rival and beat Apple's iMac, with Microsoft saying that it's designed around you, to "take you to your most creative place".

The Surface Studio comes with a high-resolution, 28-inch display that can both accept touch inputs and work with the Surface Pen. Its design is outstanding, featuring what Microsoft calls the Zero-Gravity hinge on the back that lets users push the screen down and use it like a tablet. With a 28-inch display and 2 TB of storage, this $2,999 machine could win over busy, creative professionals. And remember MS Paint? Now there's the 2016 version, Paint 3-D.

Users will also find high-end components, including the Intel Core i7 processor, and enough RAM to handle even the most resource-intensive apps. And like other Surface devices, it uses just about every feature available in Windows 10 Pro. Simply put, the Surface Studio stole the show at Microsoft's press event, and it's arguably one of the best computers the company has announced since it got into the PC hardware business. Flip through the following slides to learn more about the upcoming Microsoft Surface Studio.

Though Surface Pen is included with the purchase of The Surface Studio, there is another device called Surface Dial.The Surface Dial is a basically a small cylindrical device that just as compact as a Bluetooth mouse. It’s basically build to interact with the touchscreen display in an entirely new way and compliment the Surface Pen.

Hold it down on your computer and you can change colors, rotate the screen, and quickly select drawing tools. If you're not digitally drawing, you can also use it for other tasks, such as to scale and edit documents, and change the volume on music you're playing with Spotify. It has haptic feedback built-in, which means that you'll feel vibrations on your screen as you work or play games. And that’s why people never expected the Surface Studio to be a cheap product.

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