mPOS System in Indonesia

by GDP Venture

There was never better timing for tech startups which focused on solutions point-of-sale (POS) systems. Highly adopted mobile devices bring mobile point-of-sale (mPOS) startup provide solutions for ringing up transactions, accepting payments, and creating reports. Indonesian-based players that spices up the competition is Moka, iReap, Olsera, Kazir, Pawoon, DealPOS, OmegaSoft, and many more.

mPOS system became so friendly to use due to easier availability of internet access. Traditional POS which consists conventional set such as barcode scanner, basic computer, and receipt printer, forced advance in order to keep up with emerging digital consumerism.

According Tech in Asia, Moka CTO Grady Laksmono both claim that his company provides sellers a greater security and reliability, as their cloud-based technology also means business owners can access real-time sales data while on the go.

Moreover, customers receive more informative itemized receipts through smart devices. Many cash registers can only print the date and the amount of the transaction, but since point of sale devices are tied into the inventory control system, they can provide much more detailed information, the list price and the sale price.

Moka lets users do nearly everything via iPad. Moreover, unlike a cash register, a point of sale system often includes an overall inventory management system. Store owners can use a point of sale system to track the biggest sellers and reorder products when there is no stock.

Similar to Moka, Pawoon aggressively invest more in marketing activities in order to get more SMB partners. Those two maybe the leading local POS startup, while others like iReap, Olsera, Kazir, DealPOS, OmegaSoft, etc, struggling to grasp the market share.

As we can see, point of sale offer a lot of benefits that old fashioned cash registers cannot give. The maintenance and repair costs are often much lower too. Though the trend not so recent, but the mPOS adoption strangely considered low.


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