New Way to Book Tickets, Launches tiket FLEXI feature to Give Customers Maximum Flexibility

by as an Online Travel Agency (OTA) with the vision “to be the most customer-centric OTA” has launched a new feature called ​tiket FLEXI. ​tiket FLEXI is a feature that allows customers to buy products without having to pick the dates immediately. tiket FLEXI gives customers maximum flexibility to book accommodation by using an open date voucher. 

Gaery Undarsa, Chief Marketing Officer, said that in these uncertain times during the COVID-19 pandemic, we need to work faster to help customers adapt to the new habits. One of’s strategy is by providing customers the flexibility to decide when to go on a holiday. “Customers can book hotels or enjoy fun activities with the best price, without having to pick the dates immediately. tiket FLEXI gives maximum flexibility for customers up to 1 year after purchase,” Gaery said. 

For now, offers customers tiket FLEXI for hotels and tiket FLEXI for To Dos. The voucher can be redeemed up to one year after purchase. So, for customers who already have a plan to go on a trip but still haven’t decided the dates, tiket FLEXI can come in handy. In addition, the price offered is usually cheaper compared to the regular ticket and offers many attractive promos as well. 
Cisyelya Bunyamin, VP of Accommodation added that currently has  more than 400 domestic hotel partners and international hotel partners such as in Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand. Especially in several big cities, there are many hotels participating in tiket FLEXI, for example in Yogyakarta has more than 40 hotels, Bali and Nusa Tenggara region has more than 75 hotels, Sumatra has more than 35 hotels and in Java Central has more than 40 hotels. “We are confident that our partners will continue to increase along with the customers’ enthusiasm to use tiket FLEXI,” she said. 
One of the ongoing promos for tiket FLEXI is for domestic hotels that start from Rp 130,000 IDR per night. This promo is valid for the bookings between 15 July - 31 October 2020. The voucher can be redeemed until 30 June 2021. 
To use tiket FLEXI feature, you can follow the following steps: 

How to book tiket FLEXI Hotels: 

  1. Open app and click “Hotels” icon on the homepage. Fill in the destination. Slide tiket FLEXI toggle and click “Search Hotels” to find the list of available hotels with tiket FLEXI feature.
  2. You will see the list of hotels with tiket FLEXI labels at Choose the hotel that you want and continue with the booking process.
  3. Every accommodation with tiket FLEXI offers various packages. Click “tiket FLEXI Packages” and click “Select” to choose rooms and continue with your booking.
  4. Next, continue the booking process and make a payment. After you are done with your reservation, the booking code will be sent in the form of an e-voucher to the registered email address.
  5. Your booking has been completed. An email confirmation will be sent to the registered email. You can also find the e-voucher or tiket ID on the “My Order” menu. 

 How to book tiket FLEXI To Do's: 

  1. Open app and select To Dos icon on the homepage. Scroll down to find the tiket FLEXI section and click “See All”. You can find the location and type of activities by searching directly in the search box. 
  2. Next, you will be directed to To Dos menu which shows the To Dos category at For example, Attractions, Events, Tours, Playgrounds, Spa & Wellness, Workshops and others. Click the category that you want and choose the activity.
  3. Various activities with tiket FLEXI labels can be chosen. On the tiket FLEXI category, there are two packages of To Dos with different expiration dates.
  4. Fill in the number of vouchers that you want to book. Click “Order Now” to continue the booking process.
  5. Fill in other essential details before finalizing your payment. Fill in the “Booking Details” and “Visitor Details”. Next, click the Continue to the Payment” button.
  6. Your booking is successful! An email confirmation will be sent to the registered email. You can find the e-voucher or the Tiket ID via the “My Order” menu. 

To get more info about tiket FLEXI, go to ​​. Before you buy tiket FLEXI voucher, you must pay attention to the special information provided by the accommodation partners including the voucher expiration date, reservation requirements, and changes to the reservation dates

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