Paid Content Creator to Partner with Facebook

by GDP Venture
content creator

Facebook reported paying content creators to make live video in their platform. Feeling familiar? Yes, prior to this, YouTube once paid more than $100 million to media companies to create channels in order attract a big chunk of viewers in 2011. And now, with different approach, Facebook Live is reportedly shelling out $2.2 million to dozens of internet personalities to create content there.

Nearly two dozen YouTube creators, Vine stars and Internet personalities Facebook is paying to create live broadcasts. The highest paid creator to partner with Facebook is Ray William Johnson, who will bank $224,000, while Elise Strachan, host of My Cupcake Addiction, is said to be receiving $196,000 and Viner Jon Paul Piques will receive $119,000. They are at least have to create few videos on its live-streaming service over the next few months based on the deal.

The company is also paying significant sums to celebrities from other fields to get them to use its service, including Pittsburgh Steelers football player Antonio Brown, swimmer Michael Phelps, and actor George Takei.

With the same strategy as YouTube had years ago, Facebook face different challenges. For instance, live performance ought to have more well-prepared script and improvisations. Because Videos of people with no description and spewing an incoherent stream of consciousness have the potential to get boring pretty quickly. And going live should be a two-way street allowing for input and output. This interactivity makes users and viewers feel a sense of community and shared interest, not all content creators blessed with this gift. Though the possibilities of going live are limitless, a faster internet connection are indeed essential.

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