People Power: The Power and Loyalty of a Community

by Andrew Darwis

Throughout the history, the power of a community and society can establish a movement to create a change in the country and/or a certain lifestyle. Today we can still find this movement, though in a slightly different form.

Communities come in many different shape and sizes, but they all share the same essence: to share interests, ideals, and dreams through the exchange of information. This idea also become one of the foundations upon the establishment of KASKUS, in the hope that KASKUS could develop into a forum to share interesting information and become a part of people's lifestyles. Since its creation, KASKUS has always tried to accommodate various insights from all existing communities. Along the way, these communities contribute a major role in nurturing KASKUS, and now they made up the whole picture of Kaskuser.

In terms of its business, KASKUS has always included the Kaskuser as well. One way that has now been realised, is in becoming a Social Commerce Platform, in which Kaskuser not only exchange information and interact, but also are empowered and given the trust to develop themselves.

They no longer simply share information and laughter, or share some sad stories and outpour their hearts, Kaskuser now can utilise KASKUS as a channel for their income.

KASKUS’ tagline of ‘The Largest Indonesian Community’ is not without a reason. It is a sign of KASKUS’ achievement throughout it’s journey from its establishment. As a result of the variety of innovation that we do and by always listening and trying to meet the needs of the community, we have built a well established relationship between KASKUS and the Kaskuser.

We believe that by continuing to give privilege to the communities, loyalty in KASKUS will continue to grow, and thus business will also continue to grow. When the power and loyalty of a community are united by good, believe me, there’s nothing that we could not achieve.

There are only two things that matter for us: KASKUS and Kaskuser.

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