Pintaria, the Official Partner of Kartu Prakerja

by HarukaEDU

Free online interest and talent tests for prospective Kartu Prakerja recipients

Jakarta, Maret 2020 – The Government of the Republic of Indonesia (RI) has finally officially launched the Kartu Prakerja program. In the midst of the rampant COVID-19 which has a negative effect on the world economy, the Government of the Republic of Indonesia hopes that this program can help 2 million workers to improve their skills through online and offline training. The launch was carried out by the Coordinating Minister for Economic Affairs (Menko) Airlangga Hartarto and Presidential Chief of Staff Dr. Moeldoko on Friday (3/20/2020).

Coordinating Minister for the Economy Airlangga Hartarto said "Kartu Prakerja is an alternative solution for Indonesian people affected by COVID-19 to gain new skills (skilling), improve skills in the fields that have been occupied (upskilling), or in new fields (reskilling) throughout Indonesia. "

On that occasion, Pintaria was appointed by the government as an official digital platform partner for Kartu Prakerja program. Pintaria is a portal of continuous learning or lifelong learning developed by HarukaEDU, an Indonesian edutech company. In collaboration with trusted universities and training institutions, Pintaria provides a variety of courses and courses, both online, offline and blended learning.

"As pioneers of the lifelong learning platform in Indonesia, we are proud to be part of the Government of Indonesia's efforts to build the quality of the country's human resources through the Kartu Prakerja Program," said Dr. Ir. Gerald Ariff, MSc as Co-founder of Pintaria after the signing of the MoU with the Coordinating Ministry of Economic Affairs RI on Friday, March 20th, 2020.

One of the advantages offered by Pintaria as a platform is the help of its users to be able to choose the right training according to their potential and/or needs. "We are aware that there will be hundreds or even thousands of training programs offered. Because the opportunity to attend this training is only given once in a lifetime, it is very important for participants to attend the right training program. Therefore, we will focus on helping participants make their choices, "said Gerald. In Pintaria, participants can get training recommendations based on interests and talents through a free online interest and talent test. In addition, Pintaria users can also get recommendations based on the occupational categories of interest or available job vacancies and the user's location.  

Another advantage of Pintaria as a platform is the integrated Learning Management System (LMS) feature that can be used for conducting online, offline and blended learning training, making it easier for users and training institutions to run and monitor the implementation of training.

The training categories available at Pintaria include popular training such as English, Entrepreneurship, Digital Marketing, Coding, Sales, Culinary, Beauty, Public Speaking, and so on. In providing these trainings, Pintaria collaborates with a variety of quality training institutions.

The Kartu Prakerja Program is a program given to citizens of Indonesian aged 18 years and over, not taking school or full tuition, to help them find work through training to improve the quality of human resources to be ready for work. Each recipient of the Kartu Prakerja has the right to use benefits in the amount of Rp 1million to learn various types of available training and get an incentive of up to Rp 600thousand per month if they have completed the training properly.

Through training in Pintaria, it is hoped that the Kartu Prakerja recipients will receive sufficient knowledge and confidence to get better jobs and/or improving their current work performance.

Currently prospective participants can already learn the Kartu Prakerja program on the official Kartu Prakerja website, Registration for the program will begin in the first week of April 2020. After registering and receiving approval from the government, recipients of the Kartu Prakerja can visit Pintaria website to get recommendations and choose the appropriate training program. While waiting for registration to open the Kartu Prakerja program, potential participants can take a free online interest and talent test at


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