Programmatic Ads Trend in 2016

by GDP Venture
Programmatic Ads

According to eMarketer, programmatic ads spending is expected to take 63% of the digital display market by the end of this year. This increase will leverage brands to grow, develop, and continue to be dominant towards digital marketing. This process of purchasing online ads through an automated process is changing the way media companies and advertisers think about advertising.

The trend also makes the programmatic ads goes mainstream, there will be more creative inventory available for publishers in a bid to create more viewable and engaging display ads. Audience’s eyes are automatically skipped static banner campaigns, forcing brands and publishers to explore more engaging video and rich media contents.

Another predicted trend is that instead of awareness brands are focusing their efforts to generate ROI. ROI reporting in display advertising, programmatic advertising becomes incredibly important as it allows advertisers to increase their ROI through more effectively targeting their different audience segments. Which is not only good news for advertisers, but provides a better experience for the consumer. And when more people are coming to programmatic ad table to seek opportunities, the increased demand will drive up costs of the ads.

As online music streaming platform giant, Spotify noticed this just in time. They provide ad buyers to access demographic data and unique playlist data, allowing them to try to reach listeners based on what they’re listening to, when they’re doing it, and who they are. For example, Spotify’s users may hear different ads when they’re listening to rock than when they’re listening to jazz. Spotify says that its programmatic buying will enable advertisers to deliver their message “at the right time and on the right platform.”

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