joins NVIDIA Inception Program

by GDP Venture joins NVIDIA Inception Program

The NVIDIA Inception Program is a program from NVIDIA Corporation that nurtures startups that engaged in the development of technology using AI which aims to support the development of industrial revolution. This virtual accelerator offers go-to-market support, expertise, and technology for program members through deep learning training, exclusive Inception events and many more. By being a member of the NVIDIA Inception Program, will get support in marketing and technology area.

As a startup company that develops artificial intelligence for natural language processing, develops NLP technology that can monitor and extract key topics, customer sentiments, and time trends from conversations across all kinds of communication channels using text analytics. With this method, companies can understand their customers better and more effectively.

Not only that, also trains its deep learning algorithms to develop a hoax detection engine, chatbot and its ecosystem by collaborating with Ministry of Communication and Informatics and local fact-checkers, Mafindo. It came from how the popularity of social media and instant messaging affects how people consume their information. It is inevitable that fake news and hoaxes circulate among internet users through those platforms. An automated AI technology can offer an instant way to verify whether a query is false or true. By adding the Hoax analyzer chatbot, people can now easily validate a piece of suspected fake news and get the answers right away from the phone.

Furthermore, also developed voice biometrics technology that allows machine to verify a customer’s identity using only their own voice. realized that The traditional authentication process using multiple security questions can take up to 45 seconds for customers to answer when making a phone call to customer service. It also has a bigger risk of fraud. With this technology, it can reduce authentication duration significantly, gives a more seamless customer service experience, and reduces the risk of fraud.


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