Razer Explores New Possibility in Gaming Industry by Acquiring THX

by GDP Venture

Razer, the company that develops hardware and services for gamers and the world of gaming, has acquired THX. THX is a legendary audio and video quality assurance company that was originally founded by George Lucas as part of Lucasfilm. The aim of this acquisition is to exploring the new possibility in gaming industry for Razer.

Quoting Techcrunch, CEO of Razer Min-Liang Tan said that the term of the deal are not being disclosed. But as part of the purchase, THX will be spun out and operate as startup, recapitalized by Razer. It will run independently under existing management, led by Ty Ahmad-Taylor, and focusing on developing new things.

Currently, THX employs 50 people including top level managers and scientist. What will they do in the future is just as they did before; do QA focusing on HD quality but in wider range of environments that span both audio and video. Razer see this kind of work as a parallel between what they do as a high-end brand in gaming world.

THX alone have a huge library of IP in the audiovisual space, which Razer hopes to use it in the future for more and better gaming content and other products. The potential, Ming said, is extending into newer area like virtual reality and live streaming. The example of this are developing the acoustics that make virtual reality environments ever more realistic. For Razer, the challenge now will be to make sure that as it continues to make new investments, the company does not lose sight of its core market or of the focus that has helped it grow to where it is today.

But while Razer will tap into THX to develop its business, THX itself will also continue to build its own standalone projects. It will mean the business development deals with a number of other companies, some of which will potentially compete against Razer itself.

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