Remote Working Trends Nowadays

by GDP Venture
remote working

What do you think about the remote working method? Sounds good, relax, fun, and free. Yes, remote working means a situation in which an employee works alternatively from home or another place instead of the office. Thanks to technology, all works could easily be done through mobile devices and Internet.

Not only in global, but it also becoming a trend in Indonesia. It’s can be seen from the presence of co-working spaces sporadically in Indonesia, especially in Jakarta. Not to mention that many bustling cafes in the working hours are also often occupied.

Indonesian are considered to be familiar with the concept of remote working already. Microsoft studies (New World of Work) involving businesses in Asia-Pacific showed their expectations of employees against workplace are still not being met in terms of productivity, collaboration, and innovation in the era of mobile-first, cloud-first. The study involved 200 respondents Indonesia that have positioned themselves as mobile workers.

The results of the study of New World of Work reveals that Indonesia has the highest score in terms of employees who work in mobile. Only 29% of employees feel the business in Indonesia which has been facilitated by their workplaces to meet the challenges in an era of new work style.

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