Save The Environment and Be A Sustainable Fashionista During #DiRumahAja With Tinkerlust

by Tinkerlust

Being a sustainable fashionista means making a difference in our choices that can give a meaningful impact to our society, environment and earth without sacrificing everyday fashion shop by investing in timeless classics, shop smart by preloved, resell rather than throw away. At this moment, due to COVID-19 pandemic, we have to avoid physical & social interactions. Self-quarantine is the safest way yet boring, distressing and lonely. Online shopping could also help you with a little retail therapy during this self-quarantine period. In fact, according to a study done by University of Michigan, shopping to relieve stress was up to 40 times more effective! Hence, Tinkerlust is here to help you with that! More than that, it is a preloved and a more sustainable fashion shopping experience.

Tinkerlust is a platform that allows women to buy and sell their preloved items. It is also a marketplace where you could get items from local brands, fast-fashion, to branded luxury items. The fun things about shopping preloved: it's like hunting hidden gems. "Most of the time, you will find things that are limited edition or not being produced anymore. So you will get one-of-a-kind unique items by spending way less than buying new." Tinkerlust provides access to preloved items that are curated so the quality is guaranteed. All of the items are specially curated by Tinkerlust’s personal Fashion Curator. On Tinkerlust website, it could be seen the condition of every item sold, from Brand New, Perfect, to a Good condition.

On Tinkerlust, you could also buy your favorite influences’ items. They are called the Featured Sellers and they are varied, from influencers to actresses, include Ify Alyssa, Alodita, Cindy Priscilla, Susan Bachtiar, Titan Tyra, Andien Aisyah, Kesha Ratuliu, and more.

At the moment, you could shop Tities Sapoetra exclusive collection from his runway show on with an affordable price! Tities owned three famous clothing lines, they are Tities Sapoetra, Batik Sadhana, dan TS The Label


As many of us are now facing a challenging situation due to the pandemic of COVID-19, we have been taking proactive steps within our warehouse facilities to train our staff for safety and cleanliness guidelines by providing hand sanitizer, masks, and temperature check, because the health of our customers and employees is our top priority.

Buying preloved is one, but selling is another. As mentioned before, Tinkerlust is an online marketplace that could also be a platform to sell your old or unused items. All you need to do is gather up all the items and register yourself as a seller. Go to our site,, and click ‘Start Selling’ at the top right. It is worth mentioning that a free pick up service is now available for JABODETABEK, Bandung, Surabaya, Makassar, and Medan area , in accordance to the terms and conditions that are applied.

If you are not in the mood to shop, Tinkerlust’s newest launch, Tinkerjoy, is the answer! Rent your dream wardrobe for only Rp 360.000 (for your first month) by using code FIRSTJOY and get unlimited amounts of clothes! What’s more fun is that you don’t have to pick your own clothes. Tinkerjoy’s Personal Stylist will help you dress up according to your style and preferences from your Style Quiz. However, Tinkerjoy is now on hold due to COVID-19 for the sake of everyone’s health and safety. Worry not! You can still fill out our Style Quiz to be the first on our waitlist. Reducing the world’s waste and fulfilling your fashion needs at the same time? Checked! Go visit for more info!

At the moment, to help our medical heroes fighting COVID-19, Tinkerlust is collaborating with STUNICA FKUI Alumni to have an auction and donation. For the donation, 10% of the sellers’ revenue that takes part in the donation will be donated. Meanwhile, for the auction, Tinkerlust’s customers could donate one of their luxury items which will be auctioned. 100% of the money will be donated to buy medical equipment for the medical team working to fight COVID-19 right now. You can donate one of your luxury items here:

If you need anything, you can always contact Tinkerlust through our social media platforms, we are ready to serve what our customer needs by offering the best service we could provide. We are all in this together, Tinkerbabes! Protecting yourself is one, but shop comfortably is another.

Visit now to buy, sell, and rent our curated preloved fashion. A little retail therapy won’t hurt.


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