Smart Bike Concept Alternatives

by GDP Venture

Smart bike maybe isn’t a big trend compared to smart car. But the trends somehow makes you realize that this good idea needed. With technological touch, bike to work or simply biking on Car Free Day are the best moments to embrace healthier lifestyle. There weren’t many players selling a whole smart bike though, but you can try from the latest Xiaomi’s foldable electric bicycle, Mi Qicycle.
Mi Qicycle is the second product from the Xiaomi-backed startup, iRiding who released the premium $3,000 Qicycle R1 in March. This bike reportedly weighs a total of 14.5kg, can be folded into half its size, and it comes with a 3-speed hub plus a 250W motor which offers pedal assist, and good for up to 45km (about 28 miles) on a single charge. 

Another option came from Amsterdam-based company VanMoof. Understands with the tendency of your bike get stolen everyday, they built technologically loaded bike to prevent thieves stole it from you, even after they've snapped your lock. Called the SmartBike, it comes with a GSM/GPS tracker installed inside the bike and is monitored by VanMoof who will sell you a replacement bike for $98 if their search team is unable to find your bike after two weeks of searching and with the help of police. SmartBike also provide integrated features between your bike and your smartphone using Bluetooth.
If you either find those options isn’t suits you, you may as well try The Copenhagen Wheel which transforms your standard bicycle into a power-assisted electric bike that pairs with a smartphone app, which readies the wheel for use and also acts as a digital “key”.

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