Snapchat Ads

by GDP Venture
Snapchat Ads

In the beginning of this year, eMarketer published a report that shows Snapchat’s charm to lure senior advertisers to spend their money out. With 150 million daily active users, this is the best time for Snapchat to run it ad services and make revenue since Instagram’s latest feature Stories threatened Snapchat’s user base. The youthful social network provide non-traditional ad metric as we seen from Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube. Instead, Snapchat promise a more interactive ad solution for brands.

As we know, Snapchat offers a messaging, sharing and broadcast service where most content disappears after 24 hours. Utilizing the features such as geofilters, custom stickers, and lenses that could transform someone’s face in the app, Snapchat provide a playful way to deepen customer loyalty and affinity.

According to AdWeek, Gatorade bought a Snapchat lens that let people pour a virtual cooler of the sports drink on themselves in the app. Gatorade’s lens ad was seen for about 165 million times in a single day. In comparison, the most-watched ad on YouTube last year, “Clash of Clans: Revenge,” was seen 82 million times. Another similar example is holiday-related lens ads by Taco Bell, rumored took around $750,000. The ad is considered as the most-viewed ad ever on Snapchat as 224 million views generated in one day only. Now that’s an achievement.

Just after Snapchat made itself available to advertisers more than a year ago, many initially complaint that the company needed to lower its ad prices, while others were confused about how to reach the right audience with the ads since the platform did not provide traditional ad-targeting tools. But now, its revolution highlights that advertising is becoming content and brands are creating content in the hope that it will get shared, maybe even go viral, which in turn makes the brand relevant by association.

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