Sneak Peek at Social Media Week Jakarta 2019, one of the most awaited conference for social media practices and enthusiasts

by SMW Jakarta
Sneak Peek at Social Media Week Jakarta 2019, one of the most awaited conference for social media practices and enthusiasts

As one of the world’s leading conference series, Social Media Week has an undying commitment to equip their community members with the tools, insights, and practices for shaping their business in profound ways that positively define the industry. This year, with the global theme, “STORIES: With Great Influence Comes Great Responsibility,” SMW Jakarta which was held on November 11-15, 2019 was intended to deliver insight of the power of storytelling in social media by bringing its unique perspective on how stories that we tell, consume and share have the potential to shape how people think and act and what we become.

It was attended by 11,000 participants and 181 speakers, SMW 2019 used three primary lenses to have an in-depth understanding.

  1. Social Media & Society that discussed on how to use social media for the greater good for ourselves and the community around.
  2. The Future of Brands that utilize technology, data, machine learning, artificial intelligence, VR and other new hi-tech platform to reaching out the right targeted consumers.
  3. The Influencer Equation that invites the audience to create shareable creative and inspirational content.        

Overall, there were a total of 95 sessions over five-day series of events including some most awaited sessions that successfully attract the interest and enthusiasm of participants to listen to their insights and stories, like “How to Be a Forefront of a Pop Culture: Staying Relevant with Your Audience” by Karen Cheng, Head of Social of 9GAG, “Building True Influence” by Nadya Hutagalung, a media personality who is now also known as UN Environment Goodwill Ambassador and Founder of Let Elephants Be Elephants, “Content Disruption & Innovation That Works” by Fluxcup - content creator, Yusuf ‘Dalipin’ Arifin - Chief of Storyteller of Kumparan, and Trivet Sembel - CEO of Proud Project. “How Tiktok Redefines Fun in Social Media” by Dina Bhirawa- Head of Marketing, TikTok Indonesia and Donny Eryastha - Head of Public Policy, TikTok Indonesia, Malaysia & Philippines.

Some interesting quotes were conveyed by some speakers who are very competent in delivering message in social media. Chantika Abigail, one of the speakers at Duo Budjang session in Community Meet Up shared her opinion about bullying, “Internet world can be very evil to few people who often bullying on social media. We should feel sorry for this kind of person who do bullying because they feel great by bringing down others, not by showing their masterpiece.”

Vidi Aldiano, singer who also spoke at Anxiety and FOMO: The Impact of Social Media on Young People’s Mental Health session said, “Social media and musicians are inseparable and in the session that just delivered together with GoWork, we explore various points of view, in addition to positive side, also discussed the negative side of social media development and its use, one of which is related to mental health issues.”  

Jennifer Bachdim, a Family, Health and Fitness Influencer who spoke at Women of Power: The Art of Speaking Up session shared her opinion “We were talking about business, insecurities, how to speak up and we just spreading the words that women are powerful, women can speak up – so important nowadays as well, the show the youth that as a woman you can always speak up, you can be someone, you can become big in your business with your passion, you can achieve goals, strive and reach your goals.”

Najwa Shihab, Co-Founder of NarasiTV, who spoke at “Living in Social Media Today and Tomorrow” session shared a very interesting thought on the stage about influencing other thoughts, “Everyone has the ability to influence others through stories about themselves or other people’s stories that they find interesting. Everyone tells stories, everybody talks which makes so much noise that eventually makes the audience confused to differentiate the facts and opinions. Therefore, it is important for someone who has a bigger platform to always speaks using sense, mind, speaks the truth, responsible, and maintains public sanity. His influence is very influential to other people.”

She also said “Why is important to speak and working? We as humans need to show what has been done, in my opinion it is a human nature. Existence also needs to be shown to inspire people to do many things. One of the most important things that we get is if our work can bring the slightest impact and influence to others. If you have something do not be afraid to show the work, if you want to express something do not hesitate to reveal. Make sure that we have gone through the process; read a lot, dig up the right information, get along well then just show the work. And don’t be afraid, who knows your work can change something or trigger others to produce more powerful works.”

SMW Jakarta encouraged its attendees to take an actionable steps in creating a better environment and shaping a better future through more responsible use. Attendees learnt on  how to connect better, utilize their influence and technology as a force for good, the importance to build trust by being authentic, creating more engaging content by sharing the message of what they had learnt and passionate about and to achieve their business goals through the craft of meaningful storytelling. It is our responsibility, as a digital savvy community and industry players to increase awareness and responsibility by educating, guiding and nurturing a harmonious social media environment.

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