Support the National Program #BanggaBuatanIndonesia, Blibli Connects Sellers to Customers Throughout Indonesia


Blibli continues to strive to support the development of MSME businesses through collaboration with the government in the #BanggaBuatanIndonesia program. Blibli's commitment has succeeded in increasing the number of sellers in various cities and encouraging product growth in each of the categories that are the focus of the national program.

Blibli created a special page to support the #KarenaLokalNo1 campaign which contains curation of MSME products in five main categories: Food, Women's Fashion, Men's Fashion, Health and Beauty, also Home and Decoration. This page was created to make it easier for customers to find MSME products, at the same time inviting customers to jointly support local products.


Devina Tandian, Associate Vice President of Brand Activation at Blibli said, "Through the support of #BanggaBuatanIndonesia, we see rapid growth in the number of MSMEs joining Blibli. Apart from being able to reach a wider market, consumers can still get various kinds of local special products easily and continue to support the Indonesian economy."

One month since its launch, the national program #BanggaBuatanIndonesia which was run at Blibli has encouraged order growth up to 3 times compared to the same period in 2019. Blibli recorded the highest growth in the food category featuring a variety of regional specialties in Indonesia. Customers can buy local specialties and drinks such as Bakpia Kukus Tugu, Bolu Meranti, Gayo Coffee, and Pia Legong from Bali. Other growth is shown by women's and men's fashion products, beauty and health, as well as home and decoration.

The use of online platforms helps local MSMEs to increase the visibility of their products in a wider market. The number of local products recorded at Blibli has now reached around 350,000 products. This is driven by the enthusiasm of customers to look for local products at Blibli.

Although several provinces have re-opened their economic activities, although limited, Blibli still encourages sellers to utilize the online platform. This is based on the new normal protocol which has created new boundaries between sellers and buyers. In addition, sellers can take advantage of Blibli's services such as logistics, warehouse, and get various training by utilizing the Blibli ecosystem.

By utilizing Blibli's logistics services, sellers need not worry about sending products to customers on different islands. From the data obtained by Blibli, it was noted that Blibli customers in East Kalimantan had bought products from sellers in Aceh, as well as customers in South Sumatra who bought products from East Nusa Tenggara.

Customers and sellers are also facilitated to ship large products. One of the heaviest products purchased by customers is a mattress weighing more than 600 kilograms from a seller in East Java. Blibli also noted delivery of products from several sellers in the Greater Jakarta area, which quickly arrived to customers in less than an hour.

Blibli also continuously provides education in terms of technology, marketing, and integrated systems for MSME sellers to add knowledge to business development. In 2020, Blibli has provided more than 100 training to prepare MSMEs to go digital. This training includes online webinar sessions held with various parties, including government agencies and other business partners.

"Supporting MSMEs to continue to grow has become Blibli's main commitment as local e-commerce. Entering a period of economic recovery and new normalcy, Blibli is also responsible for supporting the economy. One way is to provide support and education to MSMEs because this will be their provision to face continuing business going forward, "Devina added.

Blibli will continue to support various campaigns and programs related to MSMEs, especially those that encourage them to carry out digital transformation. Blibli also continues to strive to provide convenience and comfort for customers to take part in efforts to drive the wheels of the Indonesian economy. #KarenaLokalNo1.

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