Update on Big Data Practices in Indonesia

by GDP Venture
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The term of Big Data technology has been spread around the world for long time. While in Indonesia this term just started to emerge in recent years. Nevertheless the basic framework for big data technology implementation is evolving quickly in Indonesia and the natural players come from mobile operators company.

In Indonesia this phenomenon is evolving quickly in early stage. Based on Redwing which is quoting Accenture big data implementation in 2013 survey, three out of four Indonesian companies declared that their organization was fully committed to a data analytics approach, with one in three having get-going analytics capabilities already established. The pioneering organization at that time was Telkomsel (Mobile operator), Mandiri (Banking), and Cigna (Insurance).

The natural player in this sector actually is mobile operators company due to the sheer scale of customer and network information available to them.

Telkomsel is one of the mobile operators that show seriousness for big data sector. They launched big data services called M-Sight in 2014. This service is a part of mobile advertising services which continue to burst in the middle of the digital business trends. It intended for marketers who want more detailed information on consumer behavior, especially in the use of mobile products, so as to devise appropriate strategies for their products.

Other player that play in big data sector in Indonesia is Dattabot-formerly known as Mediatrac. They are one of the player in Indonesia who offering data analytics services. In addition to that, Dattabot are the company who initiate the big data implementation move with Big Data Week conference in 2015 and Data for Life conference in 2016.

The implementation of big data in Indonesia will continued to grow very quick as more and more people will be connected through internet. This will make more company to join the field and examine the potential of bringing big data technology and customer analytics together for their benefit.

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